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Vehicle Sales Insurance

Looking for for your Vehicle Sales business? motor trade combined insurance caters for all types of businesses that sell vehicles from an open sales pitch, show rooms to larger franchise operations.

Car Sales or Commercial Vehicle Sales

Real Automotive are specialists in Car Sales and Commercial Vehicle Sales Insurance, we concentrate on businesses that are full time, have premises such as a typical sales pitch or showroom and have a minimum of three covers, Road Risks Insurance, Cover for Vehicles at your premises and Liability Insurance.

You need to speak to a specialist

Motor Trade Insurance can be complex and you need to deal with people that understand your business, not only to provide you with a thorough review of your insurances, but also someone that understands your business and its procedures. And, very importantly we are motor trade insurance brokers and NOT a call center.

Car Sales Insurance

Car Sales Insurance after Service & Repair Garage Insurance is probably the more common motor trade requirement. The covers required are usually quite straight forward, but its not until you get below the surface that it can become complex. Some of the covers under a standard car sales insurance policy can be extended to include sections specific to your type of business.

Road Risks Insurance – this one is likely to to the most important cover in car sales insurance policies, its going to be pretty difficult to trade without it. More about Road Risk Insurance

Used Car Sales Insurance

The cover requirements when looking to obtain used car sales insurance can be different to say new vehicles or commercial vehicles. Whilst the premises that you work from may remain unchanged other aspects will vary such as the “own vehicles” value, this is likely to be much lower.
When dealing with used vehicles there may also be an increased exposure under the “sales indemnity” part of the liability section of a used car sales insurance policy, and since the change in vehicle taxation rules trade plates are now essential.

New Vehicle Sales Insurance

A somewhat slightly different approach is needed here where you need the expertise of a broker that can offer significant experience in motor trade insurance for this type of risk.

While you are going to need much wider as well as additional cover when selling new vehicles, your premises are possibly going to be larger, you will no doubt carry larger values of parts stock, you will offer full service facilities. The chances are you will also need Unaccompanied Demonstration Insurance as well as other covers reflecting the different business type.

Commercial Vehicle Sales Insurance

Not generally a favorite with insurers, Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5T GVW are generally accommodated by almost all insurers who deal with motor trade insurance, however above this weight many other factors come into play, single vehicle values, driving and licensing restrictions, customers goods and their values among other factors.

At Real Automotive, not only do we have access to a wide market accepting Commercial Vehicle Sales Insurance we have an in depth understanding of the risks involved with this type of business.

Motor Cycle Sales Insurance

Motor Cycle dealers generally come in all shapes and sizes, working from high street premises with retail shop frontage to large multi-manufacturer new motor cycle dealers, we have the experience to understand the needs of your type of business.

Unsurprisingly some insurers can have issues with this trade, from a theft angle with some marques being very attractive, rider issues where there are younger riders, even just for business purposes can cause problems.

Parts, accessories, leathers, helmets all make for a thief attractive risk. At Real Automotive we not only understand the risks associated with your business but can work with you on the security measures needed to keep the insurers happy.

About you

On the surface many will tell you that vehicle sales insurance is simple, the fact is it certainly isn’t, many motor traders assume they have extensive insurance cover automatically, the fact is this isn’t necessarily always the case.

Driving vehicles – this isn’t generally any driver on any vehicle, the Motor Insurance Database, we still find that there are still garages selling cars that don’t wholly understand, what makes it worse is that legislation moves on but things don’t necessarily change putting you at risk.

When it comes to vehicle car sales insurance make sure your are dealing with a specialist, who understands your business, at Real Automotive we have a saying that “We sell Product, not Premium”, essentially we get it right, we base our recommendations on the best cover at the best price, cover that will respond for you in the event of a loss.

Cover can be arranged for all different types & sizes of vehicle sales operations :-

– From single or multiple business premises.
– From shared business premises.
– New Cars.
– Used Cars.
– Motorcycles
– Commercial Vehicles (Up to 44T GVW).

Vehicle Sales Insurance – Car Sales Insurance – Commercial Vehicle Sales Insurance – Motor Cycle Sales Insurance.

Looking for Car and Commercial Vehicle Sales Insurance?

Let us look at your requirements for this type of cover, being specialist brokers to the sector we have instant access to all the motor trade insurance markets, we provide fast and competitive quotes tailored to your needs.

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