Uninsured Loss Recovery

Uninsured Loss Recovery is an additional protection that Real Automotive provide as standard to all our customers that hold commercial motor insurance policies.

Uninsured Loss Recovery is also known & abbreviated as ULR, & acts where there has been a motor accident that was the fault of a third party.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

The company dealing with the ULR will attempt to recover your uninsured losses such as your repair costs, loss of use, policy excess, hire costs of an alternative vehicle &/or additional transport costs incurred.

At RealAutomotive we ensure all our motor trade insurance clients are protected right from the start, and are provided with Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) for Free

Working in the motor trade, its essential that you have the right type of insurance in place, dealing with a specialist motor trade insurance broker such as Real Automotive, will provide a much better understanding.


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