Unaccompanied Demonstration

Let them drive…

Unaccompanied Demonstration Insurance is the use of a vehicle for demonstration purposes by a prospective purchaser (or driver for such party) with your permission without being accompanied by you, a named person, or drivers in our employ or any of your partners or directors as passengers of such vehicle.

Not all insurers offer this cover & also different insurers have different criteria’s as to who can and who can’t drive, types of identification required, current vehicle keys & some will exclude theft by the prospective purchaser.

Ensure you check the criteria within your policy to understand what you are and more importantly are not covered for in respect of unaccompanied demonstration insurance.

Unaccompanied Demonstration

We like to think we are very competitive, however we will never sacrifice cover just to save a pound. You need to be covered correctly, to do that you need to speak with people that understand your business, people who have insured businesses just like yours for many years. We really understand the motor trade and realise its a very complex industry, its not just about getting a piece of paper to prove statutory cover is in place

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