Trade Plate Insurance

Moving untaxed vehicles

Moving untaxed vehicles around required Trade plates and therefore Trade Plate Insurance, these are used to allow business users who have a need to drive untaxed vehicles on the road.

Make sure your insurer knows

If you have a Trade Plate it is important for you to advise your Motor Trade Insurance broker to ensure you have the correct cover in force.

A trade plate should be viewed as another vehicle and is therefore a requirement to update the Motor Insurance Database with the number details of the trade plate, the same rule applies to trade plates, as they do taxed vehicles owned by you.

The trade plate is added as an additional vehicle to the road risks section of the policy and insurers generally apply a minimal charge.

I am a Plater, can I get insurance?

The simple answer is yes, although its not for every motor trade insurer. This is where you deliver vehicles to a customer usually on behalf of a third party, dealer etc.

In most circumstances we are able to place this type of business, however, there must be trading history and a good claims record.

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