Smart Repairers Insurance

Are you a man with a van, do you need a motor trade insurance policy as a smart repairer?

The answer is of course, yes you do need a specific smart repairers insurance policy that allows you to drive customers vehicles even if you don’t require the ability to drive customers vehicles, the benefits of a motor trade insurance policy compared to a stand alone policy are far greater.

How NOT to have smart repairers insurance

A commercial vehicle policy along with a simple public liability policy might tick a few boxes but is quite inadequate; you really need to have the proper insurance in place to ensure you are covered for most eventualities that may arise, this includes driving or manoeuvering your customers vehicle, damage to the customers vehicle due to defective workmanship effectively covering the cost of repair following damage that you have done.

Road Risks Insurance for smart repairers

Road Risks insurance for a smart repairer generally is low risk, what you are covering is for you or other drivers to drive or manoeuvre your customers vehicle, whether that may be at their place of work, at a car dealership or to and from your business premises. Road Risks insurance will also cover your own vehicle or vehicles as well whilst away from your own business premises, drivers of course is generally up to you, however of course the more drivers you have generally the more premium you will pay.

Public Liability for smart repairers

Just taking out stand alone public liability insurance as a smart repairer may not be adequate, you really need to understand what you are getting. Is it just public liability insurance or does it include defective workmanship? There is a difference here which you need to understand. Policies are different and you need to ensure that the public liability insurance you have as a smart repairer adequately covers the work you are doing. A simple public liability insurance only may only cover your basic activities as a smart repairer, a pair of step ladders fall denting the bodywork, you drop a tool on the bonnet of the vehicle but does it actually cover you whilst working on the vehicle itself?

What you have to remember about liability insurance when working with vehicles is that it will cover resultant damage only, in simple terms it will not cover the actual item being worked upon, neither will it cover rectification of any item.

Tools & Stock cover for smart repairers

Chances are that you will be carrying your specialist smart repairers tools around with you in your vehicle, the best course of action is always take these tools out when not in use, such as overnight for instance – most insurers of tools cover will actually apply an exclusion whether this is an overnight exclusion or by way of an unattended vehicle exclusion.

Whilst they may be of little value to the people breaking into your vehicle to steal them, without them your business grinds to a halt. Whether you have insurance cover for them or not the disruption to your business can far exceed the value of the tools themselves – as a smart repairer insurance for these can be essential.

Premises insurance for smart repairers

If you have premises this takes you away from a wholly mobile smart repairer, you could then be considered a bodyshop. Cover is tailored to that business’ needs & can include cover for the buildings in addition to the contents whether this is stock, machinery, tools, computers (laptops) along with business interruption cover.

Either way whether a mobile smart repairer or with premises, we at Real Automotive are specialist insurance brokers to the motor trade.

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