Recovery Vehicle Insurance

Recovery vehicle Insurance as far as insurance is concerned falls in to two catagories. The garage that recoveres vehicles as part of their business, such as breakdowns or accident damaged where the vehicle is taken back to their own premises and repaired.

Then there are those who operate commercial recovery, this is when the business acts as a sub-contractor to someone like the RAC for instance or advertises the fact that they do breakdown recovery and roadside repairs.

Recovery Vehicle Insurance, we can place this type of insurance

If you are motor trade garage, involved in the recovery of vehicles that have broken down, whether this is as a separate recovery service you provide, or you recover to repair the vehicle yourselves, then we have the right insurers that can include cover for this activity both from a liability insurance & motor insurance perspective.

Recovery vehicles can be included under the road risks section of the motor trade policy for a mechanical service/repair garage, subject to the same level of cover you can insure a car or van.

Is the customers vehicle covered?

This depends entirely on the insurers standard cover, generally if the vehicle is being towed but has either two or four wheels on the road this is treated as a vehicle and would normally be covered under the road risks insurance.

If the recover vehicle is a flat bed for instance then there is no cover for the vehicle, this is then treated as being in transit. Separate Goods in Transit Insurance needs to be added to a motor trade combined insurance and you must specify a maximum value. whilst being towed or on the back of a recovery vehicle

My recovery vehicle is quite attractive…

Certainly not in the cosmetic sense, recovery vehicles can come with an extensive amount of kit, make sure that you are sure of the value of a recovery vehicle you have along with any additional items you may have

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