Loss of MOT Licence Insurance

What is it?

Trawl the internet and you will find very little information, you will find lots of reference to it but no real explanation.

In our opinion its arguable that this cover really should come under the Motor Trade Business Interruption Insurance section as its not really an expenses or legal protection policy as such.

So what do you find on the internet about Loss of MOT license insurance under a Motor Trade Insurance policy?

Cover to replace loss of profit from MOT testing and associated repair and servicing work following suspension or withdrawal of license.

Its quite obvious therefore what the insurance cover does, its all well and good having the cover but the chances are if the MOT License does get withdrawn you need to be aware of the exclusions under the policy. If you have had your MOT License withdrawn because of dodgy MOT’s for instance you could just find that this is excluded.

Purchasing decisions have been made on the basis of this cover being included, however do consider exactly what cover you are going to get, or more importantly what inst included.

Loss of MOT Licence Insurance

Be aware of what cover you are buying, speak to one of our Motor Trade Insurance experts who will guide you through all the covers you need that are applicable to your business

Looking for Loss of MOT Licence Insurance?

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