Liability insurance for motor traders

Liability Insurance for Motor Traders

Liability Insurance for the motor trade provides protection in some key areas, there is the the all important Public Liability Insurance, running along side this is Defective Workmanship Insurance covering you against any damage you may do to the vehicle whilst you are working on it.

If you employ someone then its essential (and a statutory requirement) that you have.

A motor trade combined insurance policy will provide all the key liability covers you require in your business.

These are areas where you need a broker who understands your business!

Public Liability and Employers Liability on a motor traders insurance policy works the same as it does under any other type of business insurance policy, covering your legal liability for negligence against a third party, for loss damage or injury, or in the case of employers liability, against employees.

Public Liability Insurance

An insurance cover that every business owner knows – Covers you or your business for loss, damage or injury to a third party. The scenarios are endless for this type of cover, slips by your customers, damage to their property.

Defective Workmanship Insurance

Defective workmanship covers your liability for loss or damage to the vehicle that you are working on (but not the part itself). Whilst working on a vehicle you may cause further damage, typical example, new cam belt with tensioner, you forget to tighten it, results of course is serious damage to the engine.

Sales Indemnity Insurance

Sales Indemnity provides insurance cover for losses resulting from a vehicle you have sold. When you sell the vehicle its your responsibility that its in a road worthy condition, unfortunately things don’t always go as expected and the vehicle you have sold causes damage.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employ someone? This cover is compulsory, it protects you and the business against claims made by employees for injury or disease whilst in your employment.

Looking for Liability Insurance?

Let us look at your requirements for this type of cover, being specialist brokers to the sector we have instant access to all the motor trade insurance markets, we provide fast and competitive quotes tailored to your needs.

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