We like to think we are somewhat different?

We choose only to deal with a select sector of the motor trade market, our main area of expertise being Motor Trade Insurance for Service & Repair Garages, Bodyshops and Car Sales. We are certainly not everything to everyone – which makes us somewhat different.

Insurance for the Automotive Trades

We create an insurance product specifically to your needs – we don’t sell you covers that you don’t need, neither do we omit covers just to save you premium, thats called false economy and really doesn’t help us or you in the long term.

In depth experience

All our advisors have spent a considerable amount of time in the field (no not the green one’s) actually in garage premises. That means everyone can relate to real life scenarios, we ask questions from experience of what you do in the motor trade and not what questions the computer thinks we should be asking, and thankfully we don’t work from call centres.

What your plant and machinery is and does, how turnover and profits relate to how your business runs, and in the event that you might not understand exactly how your motor trade insurance goes together we can advise you, and if it doesn’t quite sound right what you are telling us then we will delve deeper and make sure your cover is correct.

Motor Trade Insurance is easy

We make this sometimes complex insurance product easy, its about understanding, knowledge and experience in the motor trade sector, and we have lots of it.

We don’t just favour one insurance company, because we are a specialist to the motor trade we have relationships with all the major insurance companies dealing with your sector.

Unlike many motor trade specialists who favour one insurer, it can be a little “one size fits all” approach. By using the best in the insurance market we can ensure an unbiased quote that directly fits your business insurance requirements.

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