Hire Car Insurance

We can include vehicles on hire as part of a Motor Trade combined insurance policy, we don’t cover them in isolation or as a fleet.

Not to be mistaken for Loan & Hire Insurance

Hire car insurance is different to loan and hire, hire car insurance is commonly called Self Drive Hire which is a separate subject all together.

Where you have a motor trade combined insurance and hire vehicles out, we can in certain circumstances add the self drive hire insurance to the main policy.

Whats the criteria for Self Drive Hire insurance connected to a motor trade combined?

The criteria varies but generally there is a low number of vehicles, the self drive part of the business is incidental to the main motor trade business and the claims experience is good. We can place self drive but the market for this type of cover is very small.

If you have vehicles that you hire out, please ask us for the options on this.

We don’t just favour one insurance company, because we are a specialist in motor trade insurance we have relationships with all the major insurance companies dealing with your sector.

Unlike many motor trade specialists who favour one insurer, it can be a little “one size fits all” approach. By using all the motor trade insurance market we can ensure an unbiased quote that directly fits your business insurance requirements.

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